An Overview

Mind Education School Limited: An Overview

What the World Needs Now

is a

 Revolution of the Mind.

    Mind Education School Limited:    Giving the Mind Power Back to the People!

A short essay about the Creator and Director of Mind Education School Limited, some of the past, and a look towards the Future.

Everything I have learnt and experienced in my life was to get me to here! New and Better Education. All people of all ages becoming their true selves and being at their peak for their whole lifetime.

I thought this way right from a child! It was always there, but first I had to learn and experience why and how to do it. Was there a true need to do it? There clearly is! Just look at the world around you, a damaged and unwell world at the hands of Dangerious mind not working the way of true nature.

My own Life is a true life transformation adventure with a twist.

Mind Education School Limited: A brief overview of the past and our future, the creation of the MES Academy and the bigger dream of independent schools teaching the Mind Education School way in as many place as they will have me! I honestly believe Mind Education School is the way forward for a far better world.

Building positive communities and connecting people to the best.

Education from the Heart

Nurture Without Influence

Unified Individuality

 A person’s power is within themselves, it is their own mind power that create dreams, great careers, journeys of life times, innovative ideas and great inventions that by nature will improve everyone’s world. A free mind is a kind and caring mind. All goodness in all its forms is from nature, the universe itself I believe. There are no longer term benefits to negative thinking on the mind and the biology, yet the world we have today is damaging in so many ways too many to mention here, and it is so unnecessary.

Mind Education School Limited is teaching and mentoring based on my own journey and the wisdom of those who came before me, sometimes long before me, and new science, biological and phycological discoveries which at heart many of us were intuitively expecting, in order for all people to live the lives they were intended before so many became lost to a life far below what they are capable of and were intended to.

True gifts of Curiosity and the Open-Mind are lost from bad Education. A current education that is designed to control rather than keep a person free to be themselves. MES says: Nurture Without Influence.

There is no doubt in my mind that curiosity and an open-mind to all possibilities is the key to greatness, and all through my life was mental hard from the day I was born, but I never lost those two qualities which after years of experiences some of which I ‘never’ want to experience again got me to here. We are all on a path of dreams and exciting potential, and my life of up’s and many downs was mine! It was the life experiences necessary for me to create MES. If I have been a great scholar and had gone to Cambridge and worked on one of my loves archaeology this ‘real’ dream may never have happen, there would have been no vision for me to see a reason to do it maybe?  That is called fate or destiny. I was always on my path as it turned out, but most are never living theirs. Just look around you. Few reach a dream, and many never even remember who they are at heart, instead wandering aimlessly from job to job in their millions, never going beyond average and the production line of life is various degrees and wealth capacities, on the producation line never the less.

Mind Education School had a big dream of its own from the very beginning, that being ‘A New Education System’ that would work towards all people of all ages reaching the dreams and potential. It has been with me a very long time, before MES, before Keith Ecott Empowerment, before my time at the Ministry of Defence, way back…it has always been there, I never lost track of it, the vision just grew over the years and for years while I was wondering aimlessly myself, or so I thought as I was on a life long journey of my own, my inner truth being woven day by day, experience by experience in order to try and make the world better! I believe we are all here to make the world better!

The next phase is here. While I still enjoying mentoring and will always continue to do personal mentoring and teaching, the start of the true dream and aim of MES continues to grow in the form of an Academy of Mind Excellence, it will take time and ‘money’ for it to reach ‘its own’ true potential, but all remarkable things take time. We move forever on daliy…

However, big dreams have no end, they just keep on growing…

And my dream that was with me from my earliest memories was happy people and a peaceful world and minds used as they were designed to be used is the answer, in fact, it is the easy and obvious answer, we are all far more powerful than most of us realize.

I thought I had a strange life, but in truth it was just a life, strangness is like magic, not yet understand, and magic and just undiscovered or miss understood science. For a person to keep aiming height as their mind naturally grows, the opem and curious mind should be incouraged and nurtured so that person can always be growing to their own true conclusion and genius potential.

I cannot create this project into its greatest potential on my own, I need others who see my vision of a better world of peace and happy people. I also know that it will not reach its full potential in my life time but my son, Sebastian only just turned 20 years old is waiting in the wings to take it forever on…it will do what I dream for it to do because I believe in it, and I believe it will happen. We are now, but the now will grow.

I see this company as I world changer, a life giver, a dream creator and peace maker. If you think small, your mind is not working to it’s greatest potential yet.

If anyone is interested in the greater growth of themselves, or this company and its dream, I would love to hear from you as an idea such as this needs the many and not just a few. It is a huge project, a huge undertaking and the growth of more positive communities is something that I dreams of, education is just one part, the part one as it were. I have tried to build positive communities before, but failed every time, but I am not one to give in!

They say crazy people change the world and I am crazy enough to believe I can at least start to do it with new and better education, education from the heart. Those in the world with positives hearts and positive businesses are growing, we just need to build on that every new day. The people of the world are slowly waking up to their true potential. Minds have never been so powerful on the positive and that is the much needed future.

To end, one of the many weird stories of my life. All being written into my first book….my dyslexic, ADD mind with a short term working memory never saw that one coming! It will be called The History and Mystery of Me and starts with me still born and all many of strange thinks that happened and information I was given to me from places I never knew existed. I never started to write until July 2009. But dyslexia has its uses, you learn to ‘think’ for answers, which how I became so good at understanding the mind and what it can actually do for you. I become a great thinker, but never a reader until I started to write really, and even then I perfere to work things out for myself, even if most of the answers can be found in someone elses book. I like to challenge my mind to discover in my own way. If the Universe is conscious which is becoming the common belief, all the answers are there for everyone to access just by asking, thinking for the answers.


Back on 2003, a strange serious of events took me to a mystic, in fact two, two months apart. Neither were of my own making or choice. I had never even considered to go to see such a person before.  They both told me the same story of my future and what my main talents were, none of which at the time seemed likely. One of them said this to me. ” Keith you are an idealist, you want the world to be perfect and you want everyone to be happy” And I said, ” what is wrong with that?” And she said ” Nothing! Just keep doing what you are doing, because you are going to do good!”

And I never stopped believing it, and belief I have learnt works! on the ‘negative’ and thankfully on the positive!

 Anyone, can do anything, as long as it is something in your heart.

Mind Education School Limited

 Nurture Without Influence

Unified Individuality

Education from the Heart

Creator and Director

Keith William Ecott,  Healing the Minds of the World to the best any person can be.

Cambridge, England July 2018 revised January 2019

For mentoring and other information regarding the MES Academy and all other enquiries contact:

Mind Education School: 07591 644 351 and other listed connections and social media.

Thank you, Peace and Harmony

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