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Mind Education School Limited

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Unified Individuality

Education from the Heart

Passion is the path to happiness and success, whatever your idea of success may be? but without the confidence to remove your fears that have been acquired from bad, and good influences true heart felt passion is never really discovered, re-discovered and followed. Before I started to talk and teach Mind, and how to acquire a better life I was lost for many years, but a few things kept me going, passions for pleasure!, passion for a career and a worthwhile business and a life purpose came much later. Music was first, then history and astronomy, walking, exploring and photography, and then in July 2009 writing. Photography started way back in 1979, and it has never left me. I had a photography website called Angelclouds Photography until 2014, but I closed that to focus on Mind Education School Limited, but use all my own photographs and creations on here. This page is always on the move, so can look untidy at times, but I am getting on top of it. Always adding new ones.

Here is small selection of artworks that I have made some from my Keith Ecott Empowerment days. The ones without the hearts ” Education from the Heart” slowly being removed and replaced with the new posts from the last 2 years.

I hope that you see something that you like.

































































mind-education-school-limited-peace-2016    mes-2016-6585   mind-education-school-limited-storms-2016

mind-education-school-limited-heart-2-2016     mind-education-school-limited-decision-2016    mind-education-school-limited-mind-stress-2016



mes2016jgdjl       mind-education-school-limited-1234-2016   mes2016gfhyrt

mind-education-school-limited-patience-2016        mind-education-school-limited-contradiction-2016    mes2016jlfjdlg   mes2016jgdljfg





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