And here is the News: It is all in the Mind

MES 324 2016

You can have it all!! It is ALL in the MIND!

The News: May 2016: Something old, and something new!

I lived a life of undiagnosed learning issues until I was I 40 something, which in my teenage years and beyond lead to depression which was very dark at times, frustration, more phobias than I can remember, panic and anxiety attacks, crippling migraine which I later in life realized was triggered by mental stress,  bad temper…usually aimed at myself, soul destroying self-consciousness and dreadful fear of embarrassment  that I may make a total idiot of myself, which just made me want to be as invisible as possible, but at the same time I wanted to be seen as inside I knew what I was capable of, I was living a frustrated life of mind contradictions. I could see and feel in my mind what I could do, I knew what I wanted, but the courage and knowledge to get there had died, and I just fell into life, ordinary life that is often far less than we would wish for.

I was also wonderful daydreamer of wonderful things in peace and harmony at times, the real me shining through, but I did know at the time that dreams could be created from your own mind into reality.

I was without question living on the very edge of life at times, like a leper of old, only my great love of all music and sound to keep me going, enhanced by curiosity of all things. It saved my life! It was a true gift to get me from there to here!

I carried this darkness all alone, nobody knew, not even my family.

Any life that you are living can be improved to the degree that you wish for!

 But I came out of the other side from the belief that I could change it all with the power of my own mind, a journey that started long ago and eventually brought me to here. I knew that I was as clever as anyone else at school, but something was wrong, and it just got worse! I now know how and why I got these issues, but at the time I thought it was just the way I was, not that I liked me very much at times, but it was like at heart it was not me at all, I always knew I could do better…somehow! I had no idea that I could change anything about me that I did not like, and improve anything to any degree that I choose. No one at school taught us how you can use your mind to your greater advantage, and generally speaking they still don’t.

Mind is Everything: It can build you! It can also destroy you and take away your genius…if you let it? Or what is the usual case, it is influenced away often by well-meaning people who think they know what is best for you, and not so well meaning people who kill your heartfelt dreams because they don’t have heartfelt dreams  of their own.

I have come to believe over time that we all have a path from birth, my scientific mind has learnt to see so much more over the years, the realization the scientific knowledge will never be complete. Curiosity and open mindedness was never a problem for me, I like to get as close to the facts as possible, I had the need of proof and evidence, but now this scientific mind is having to except unknown science as truth as the mystery of all that is deepens, and there is no greater mystery than Universe and Mind. Maybe they are one and the same? We may never know for sure?  or maybe we do? Is it no more than an inner knowing? You follow it with all your heart, or you dare not? That is your intuition, your inner knowing, we all have it, but few dare follow it.

We can never know all the facts about a universe that you are a part of. It is like knowing what your house looks like on the outside without ever stepping outside to look at it, you can never know…for sure!

 I know that we are all potentially genius in a self- chosen field, self -chosen being the key words, to find passion for your life, but it took me a long time to find my path, I got lost for too long, my school days were a shocking nightmare, it drove me nervous! and my start into adult life was not a happy time. My self-esteem was on the floor…school did that! and my highly strung mother did not help. But my place of education that was supposed to build me for life, it just took away my spirit and courage for far too long, and it took me time and all the experiences of my life to realize that I could change it all…with my own Mind! It came for free at birth and I was never nurtured in how to use it to my greater advantage.

That amount time to arrive at your dreams is not necessary for you! People like me have learnt a better way, the way life is supposed to be. If you are young you can be passionate for a dream by 18, and absolutely believe that you will reach that dream, that should be common place, and very much possible. If you are older, any age, it is never too late to reach a dream. The principles are the same whatever your age.

In truth, as it turned out I was on my path all along, I may have lost it a few times, two years here, two years there, but my life was always my path because now it all makes sense, all the pieces eventually joined together to get me to here! New Education. I lived the bad to understand it and have a true insight of how to improve it.

In 2001 a wise woman that I met in the most unlikely way for me, said this to me ” you are an idealist, you want a perfect world, you want everyone to be happy” And I said ” what is wrong with that” And she said ” Nothing! Keep doing what you are doing, you are going to do good!” And I never stopped believing that!

Mind Education School Limited was eventually born. It is with me in mind, body and spirit every second of every single day and it is doing what I dreamed it would, but it is only the beginning!

So many people now are waking up to the power of one’s own Mind. It really can do anything you choose. Do your own research, and come to your own conclusions. See for yourself what people can do simply by believing that they could!

The true miracle in your life is your own MIND! Learn to use it well.

Standard education is not doing a good job! It is no more than a production line! Children under pressure and stressed at 14 to achieve in areas that are of no interest to them anyway.  Mind Education School has a better way, a way that could change the world and create happy people who all can achieve great things and live dreams.

Whatever your age, anything can be changed and improved to the degree you decide. It always comes down to you!

That was the old and this is the new!

The creation of The Mind Education School Limited: Academy of Mind Excellence has begun. I do wish for everyone to be happy and that they all live wonderful lives! It will not happen in my lifetime, but many are waking up to the power within your own mind. It needs to be taught more widely.

 Nurture Without Influence, live the life we are all capable of living! On your own terms.

I am always open to ideas and opinions! Let’s get this education thing right!!  And give all people the lives they really want to live! You are never too old to start…I am proof of that!

I do not claim to be an expert in anything, I am not perfect as much as I try, I make mistakes, there are probably spleiing and grhamarm mistakes here…I am self -taught you know! I just carry knowledge, experience and a bit of wisdom….I have come to believe we carry much of that from birth, an unknown science that may never be proven for sure?

What does your heart tell you?

Nurture Without Influence: 

Keith William Ecott creator and director of Mind Education School Limited May 2016

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