Goals, Passion and Belief

MES 367 2016

Goals, Passion and Belief.

Three important ingredients for success…whatever your idea of success may be?

Goals: Without a goal or goals you are not going reach a heartfelt dream.  Discover what makes your heart sing out loud. A goal is an idea that hit you intuitively so hard that you know it is true! I believe it is there from birth but often lost.

Passion: The feeling that grows from the heartfelt goal. If you never get to the point where the passion races your heart you could be on the wrong path. Passion burns with great desire.

Belief: The point at which the heartfelt passion that races your heart so strongly, never ceasing and takes on absolute belief. Belief is inner knowing that you cannot fail.

It takes time to develop all of the above particularly if an adult, children will fair better if correctly taught. Children are born with the fire, but it is often lost from influence.

Be patient. Listen to your intuition.


At the point that you know that you cannot fail, you may still have a long and hard journey ahead, but at least you know by then that you cannot fail to reach your goals, success and dreams as long as you never give up, moving forward daily…if you can.

No one ever said reaching you dreams would be easy, but once you get to the point where working on your goal is far more important than watching your favorite TV show you are well on your way.

It does not mean that you can never relax or watch TV, but your priorities will change for sure, everything will change, things will change that you never thought possible. Your mind has your best interests at heart if void of influence. Your new found passions and belief will open your mind up to better ways to live your life that will benefit you later on…once your reach that dream.

Goals, Passion and Belief: That is life, adventure and excitement coming from your own mind. Don’t waste your potential. We ALL have it if you look!

Peace and Harmony,

Keith, creator and director of Mind Education School Limited

MES 367 2016

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