Dyslexia and ADD, a personal opinion.

Dyslexia and ADD, a personal opinion.

Just a personal note:

Over the years I have come to the belief that Mind is everything, and it can do anything.

Life is Mind

Mind is Life

Having lived with undiagnosed learning issues until my early 40’s, I first decided that I did not want them anymore, and I was going to do my best to get rid of them!

When I first found out that I had them for sure, they became worse!

I was always open-minded and curious from a child, and I could never accept ‘can’t be done’ as an option.

And then I studied myself, the what happened when’s, and the emotion, the environment and sometimes mental trauma’s that were happening around me at the time, and the Mind which had always been an interest since the early 90’s.

And I came to a few conclusions about myself, and how my learning issues developed, and why, and when. I have no doubt that in my case at least, they started at school.

And from that Mind Education School Limited was born!

Mind Education School is not about groups of people, types of people as I believe all people are basically the same. Potentially genius, every one of us. Dyslexia is just something you can acquire based on all manner of issues that could be happening around you effecting your mental health, which in turn can affect you physical health.

But dyslexia, ADD etc. are learning issues that I do not believe are hereditary as many suggest, but are acquired, and if they are acquired, they can be removed totally or partly depend to your degree of mental discipline.

Poor memory for example largely comes down to boredom and lack of interested in a subject or activity. If you are not paying attention you can’t forget something you missed in the first place, or just picked up on the odd word or two.

Hereditary may work biology to biology, but I do not believe it works from biology to mind, unless it’s a mental (brain) biological illness, and mind to mind other the various forms of mental influence once born.

It is obviously more complicated than my few words.  I read new ideas all of the time, so I am open to other ideas. Bruce Lipton I like, but he like everyone has his critics.

I do believe that many traits that people have are due to physical and mental copying via influences and environmental.

I have always viewed Mind and Brain as connected, but separate. And I am not even sure where that belief came from?

 Never a sick mind, but a sick brain (biology). I could never see mother-nature (mind) doing things to a degree, either it is a biological self -repair kit totally, or not. I could never see mother- nature (mind) just going only part of the way to a cure, and then giving in.

Of course with most people these days filling their biology with toxic substances which is many food, the repair kit must be working flat out, and failing so many. I do believe that mind can change that balance, but you still have to be sensible and not reckless towards your biology.

And I think the same is true for mental illness. The mind will repair your brain while in the early stages, but once the brain is too badly damaged the mind becomes too affected, too influenced to carry out a repair, which is why those who go down the spiral staircase one step too many need a doctor and his drugs to get out.

The only thing that stops the Mind totally repairing your biology is when the mind is being too overwhelmed by the belief of painful biology to focus the mind on repairs on the body or brain.

It all comes down Mind and the many forms of influence I am sure from my own experience and investigation.

I know there are people who agree with me, and there are those who will not, but is to be expected, accepted and encouraged as a free thinking mind is the best the world can ask for.

In could be true that within the unknown mind it could be considered that each mind is a unique individual universe within itself, and whatever your opinion may be, you are right! If it works for you, it does, and no one can, or even should try to take that away from you.

If you can create your own reality within your own mind, there must be no limit to anyone’s abilities to create, live dreams and cure themselves of any ill mental or physical.

Changing the way I think changed my life, and whatever the truth is in the grand scheme, one thing I do know, and that is if you learn to live with a focused and disciplined mind, everything changes, everything improves!

What others think of you and me, our opinions and ideas, is not important.

The only thing that I would stay is, maybe it is time that more people started to get out of their box, and started to think for themselves. I think all those people still in their box would be amazed by the ideas and conclusions they come to.


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