The Power of Hard Times to Create Passion for a Dream.

MES 2016 345242

Change often starts not from finding a passion, but from hardship. This is often your intuitions way of getting you back on track, kick (re) starting you on your chosen goal, or in my case as I later realized my hardship and learning issues were all a part of my goal all along, to get from a stillbirth to new education. MES! I would never have got to here if I was born into wealth and luxury. I really should not be here at all, and by a miracle I have survived death twice since without a scratch.

We all have a life plan to carry out I am now sure, but it took this scientific thinker a long time to work that out, and even longer to state it in public. But at heart I knew all along! Fortunately I managed remained curious and open-minded enough not become overly influenced down the narrow mind path to helplessness, even though at times my self-esteem was lower than a snakes belly!

Once the decision to transform arrives, the goals start to appear, from which passions and total belief in yourself and your success is forge to become your material world reality.

It is a mind process, it takes time and patience, all you have to do is start. The time will pass anyway, so would it not be better to arrive at your destination with you dreams, rather than no more than what you had years before.

One day at a time: Keeping a record of your progress will help, and there are many different ways that you can do that.

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