At the end of each day…

MES 2016 6545

At the end of each day, would it not be good to be so excited, that you cannot wait to go to bed, just so that the time to get up again comes around quicker, so the whole thing can start again!

That is how I feel, and I am not even warmed up yet. I love my job! And I love my life! But it was not always that way. I had to teach myself everything! Because I eventually remembered my dream and why I am here, and it was to involve my greatest fears, and things I had come to believe I could not do, or ever want to be!

I still scare and surprise myself most days! You are always wanting to push yourself once you hit the positive passion that drives you.

Everyone has a dream, a passion for life, but often lost by influences.

It is never too late to rediscover your inborn hearts desire for you life.

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