Take Good Care of Yourself: The Mind comes first!!

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Your greatest peace is learning to live in harmony with all those around you. Whether you live in village, town or city people of all kinds will come into your life and your space. It is all very well to be the monk on the hill, 200 miles from the nearest people, all wise, all calm and peaceful…but no experience in life.

Most of us do not want that even if it was offered, we want to live a life like we have, only better and to our greatest potential. We want to be wise, calm and peaceful, but we want to have that in the of friends, family and doing interesting things, rather than the need to be the monk on the hill, all alone.

To live the way of the wise, calm and peaceful monk in 21st century modern world, you need to learn to use your mind to your greatest advantage.

Everything starts with a thought.

Most of us live in the ‘real world’ whatever that really means? Quantum Physics anyone? We like our world, even though many still live far below its true potential. Our world is far from perfect, but it is a wonderful place. In the average town you will have many people that do not see eye to eye, but that indifference is not a reason for disharmony.

 No one expects you to like or get on with everyone, we are all different, and that is a good thing, but understanding people, their attitudes, opinions and how they may have arrived at their place in life will help you greatly with your own inner peace. But you don’t really need to know about a person, as long as your are aware that no one is born bad, unpleasant or negative, and at the extreme no one is born a terrorist, murder and all the rest.

Things can, and often do happen to the youngest of children that can potentially change them greatly down a negative road that they would not have chosen for themselves. All it can take is a few seconds of mind trauma, intentionally or unintentionally to change a whole life, unless that person should rediscover their truth path and genius potential at a later date. In truth most still do not.

It comes down to how far has their mind been influenced down the proverbial rabbit hole before a form of mental illness takes their mind to far down to be retrieved. I have seen the mind and brain as separate but connected for most of my life. Never a sick mind, but unwell biology. The mind like the body can be fixed by the mind, but once the mind is too badly affected by sick biology, it becomes harder, or impossible to repair, as you need a healthy mind to repair both mind and body to peek.

Mind illness is far worse than biologically illness, cancer, heart issue etc. Your mind is your self-repair kit, mind and body, so you need to look after your mind above all else.

Look after your mind, and your mind will do the very best for you for a life time.

You can choose peace and harmony for yourself, and if it is too much to bear, just maybe you are being given the opportunity to move on to the next phase of your life! What does your heart tell you?

I know from my own procrastination episodes in my life that if you stay stuck for too long, your intuition will persuade you, gently at first, and more intense if you fail to act upon the instructions to get on with your life.

I not so many years ago had the best job of my life so far, is was a huge boost to my confidence for me that was necessary to get me to here, but I stayed far longer after I had got the best out of it. For two years I was undecided and as time moved on it slowly started to lose it challenge, and slipped into boredom, and that last year was absolute hell!!

I said, ok, ok I hear you! I quit, and never looked back. It was scary, still is some days, but now mentally and physically I am at my peek…so far…I feel like my life has only just began. I do not do age the older I get, I just have too much to do. I will go when I am ready and when I am done!

It is a great thing to help as many people as you can. I took on my new career once I knew that without question that I could fix others minds to only work to their greatest advantage having fix myself from crushing learning issues that killed me on the inside for so many years.


You help the world and all of its people best by taking care of your own mind…first!!

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