From The Nightmare Came The Dream: Part 1

From The Nightmare Came The Dream: Part 1

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Part 1

After a few years in the life coaching game, a job that I never thought I would want do, never mind create a career out of (while on a Buddhist retreat years ago I met my first ever life coach, she was very plastic and not very sincere, she smiled a lot, but she was so fake, she spent the whole weekend trying to sell me something, I never wanted to see another life coach in my life! )…but once I had fixed myself, I saw value in it. Helping others became me from the heart, I guess it was there all along. Maybe she came into my life for all the right reasons. I still have her card after all these years, so she like everyone has value.

My dream idea of new education came in the form of Mind Education School Limited some years later. I remember saying to my business coach some years ago, that life coaching was never going to be enough for me, no matter how successful I become. There was something much bigger cooking in my mind. Mind mentoring is still my main trade, but a better education system that will work equally well for all children, and adults is still my only main goal in life and for the world! There is no point in me thinking small on a project as big as a new system of education. I mentor and nurture by the same ways that MES is based. Unique individualism and collective togetherness. Both are necessary for peace, harmony and positivity. A mind in this chosen state, that remains in this state cannot fail in any goals that fires up the heart. Which includes world peace and happiness…eventually!

My early thoughts of a Mind system of education where Mind is the first principle, and all else stems from that individually or collectively, saw all people as unique individuals of genius potential in a self-chosen field, self-chosen being the key words. Not influence or persuaded to become, bullied or, to follow family wishes or dreams for you. But to live your own life from day one!

Family and friends exist to love you, take care of you, to nurture your dreams to greatness and full potential.  To feed you. To keep you safe. To keep you alive until you can fend for yourself. Open your mind to possibilities and to ensure that you never lose you inborn curiosity that is too often taken away by others, sometimes well meaning, sometimes not, influences that take away a person’s passion, self-belief and dreams for their own life and the world.  A mind in such a state could only want to share such treasures with the whole world, a mind like this knows that anything is possible and can be created over time by thought and the created passion of action.

My original thought that created this idea was that; no child born should have the educational nightmare that I had, and although I was fine as a pre-school child, school killed me on the inside, and that is far more common than many realize. For me, and I know many others who I have talk to, lead me down a road of all manner of light mental issues that grew over time as the frustration and embarrassment that I could not achieve in the way that I was expected, while during these years of school and beyond. I knew that I was as smart as anyone else, and much smarter than many that I knew. But I could never prove that…in the conventional ways. So it just remained in my mind as a forever growing frustration. And that can lead to very dark places.

I spent so many years being cosmically annoyed with myself that expressed itself in all manner of negative ways, and then being even more cosmically annoyed with myself for letting myself down for being annoyed and negative in the first place. Even back then I knew that nothing could be achieved by negativity. This is the problem, all along it is often know by a person that at heart you can do so much better…but, you can’t! You have lost the way forward. And now your life is out of control, life is happening to you and the unacceptable becomes the acceptable and you proceed to live the rest of your life far below your ability to achieve great things and live the life that your heart wanted to have all along. If you are lucky you find your way out of the rat trap as your intuition pesters you enough to find the strength to find your true heart-felt life, but sadly that is still not that common, but the right mentally attitude is all it takes to start to turn any situation around.

In the current education system, it is so easy to get stuck and never move past the dead-end job stage, just because you cannot learn in a way that sees every person as the same…Mentally! If you cannot do it their way, or your fail.  Another genius young mind wasted. Stress on a young mind over exams is not getting you ready for a lifetime of work, but unnecessary mental trauma that will leave its scar, maybe for life!

Every mental scar on the young, and the older person’s mind takes away your self-esteem, confidence a bit at a time.

Even now with so many doing better? Higher grades that make schools heads happy, but once out of school nothing has changed. School is just a numbers game. More are going to university but still lost, with no passions or goals in life after almost 20 years of education! I have spoken to so many people now, teenagers, university graduates, teachers and the man and woman in the street and most agree that standard education is largely a waste of time! For most, it just sets you up for life in the rat trap. If you get a degree you are clever so you can push a pen! No degree and you can push the pavement cleaner trolley. The whole exam process is unfair, and that is me being subtle.

There are those who strongly disagree, but those are always those who did well out of school, or their children have, but still most of them are in the rat trap of life, no passion, just a higher form of social status. And having interviewed some of these people, it is clear that despite their success and status, they are often not happy with their career choice! Why? Because they did not fully, or consciously choose it. It was never in their heart as an option. It was given, or suggested. With a “oh I think you will be really good at this” Maybe you are, but was it really what you wanted?

As it turned out I am pleased that I had a terrible education, and my learning issues that in my early 40’s where discovered to be dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADD and a short term working memory that was at times an instant. Without my lifetime experience I may never have seen education for what it is. A production line to ensure all jobs are filled. It is not about finding a person’s inner genius, it is more about “well, someone has to sweep the streets, push the pens and working in the factories”, all caught in the rat trap. Machines can do all those jobs, people can do so much more, and the only ones that come up with the negatives are those without the imagination to create a better world. If you can create yourself a fun life, you can create yourself a fun business, and treat your staff well…no excuses! Kindness always has greater rewards.

Part 2: Is dyslexia self-created or an  evolution upgrade. It could be either? Or both? I think long and hard about it often. But it could be nether? But something is not right and it bothers me! I am sure it can be removed…but maybe it is not supposed to be….! Trapped between soul and biology. Does dyslexia have a purpose?

Confused? So am I. Something bothers me about it…Dyslexia is a contradiction. It’s a paradox of the mind.


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