Once you rediscover your passion and purpose for this life, no one will stop you until you are successful in its creation and beyond…

The life that you were born to live,

before that life of possibility was influenced out of you,

before your genius potential was taken away from you,

still exists as a part of you deep in your heart.

I know that lives can be turned around, because I did that for me!

And now I own and run the Mind Education School Limited Academy of Mind Excellence,

to teach adults and children what we were never taught in school, the things that really make a difference.

For our lives to be the best, and for our world to improve to the place most of us want it to be, a new form of education is called for.

Mind Education will change, and create a world that most of us would love to live in, for the true nature of the mind void of influence, is one of peace, happiness and achievement.

Education comes down to just following your heart and let your passion run wild! That is what the mind is designed to do for everyone!

Nurtured by education, but never influenced.

Mind Education School Limited Creator and Director,

Keith William Ecott, teacher, mentor and world changing dreamer and visionary with Mind Education.


Living your dreams are possible, and anyone can start to walk that path at any time in their life. It is Never Too Late to improve on what you are unhappy about. There is no such thing as stuck! It all comes down to attitude of mind.

Quality Mentoring, for a Better Quality of Life! For All Ages.

Learn to THINK to your Greatest Advantage…!

To Cultivate Your Wonderful World Joyful of Living!!

You can have it all!!

It is ALL in your own MIND, just wanting to be discovered by you!

Keith is an inspiration to us all. Despite the many challenges he has faced in his life he has continued to defy all the odds and has emerged as a shining light to us all. We all require help along our journey through life and the people that are best placed to help are those who understand our struggle because they have overcome many of the problems we are facing. Keith is one such person, his passion and knowledge are there for all to see and I highly recommend his friendly and consultative approach

Philip Martin author of The 30 Day Mind Diet  May 2013

Achievement and Happiness has nothing to do with your age, or your background or your education, it has all to do with your Attitude of MIND!

Do you have a purpose in your life? Maybe you believe that you never have? or maybe at some point you have lost it? Are you not as happy as you would like to be? Do you feel that life is passing you by having never reached a goal or dream that you have had since you were a child?

A person with a true purpose in life grows, they grow for their whole life, wherever your starting point may be. All the best in life starts with a purpose, a reason to do something wonderful, and that starting point comes from a place we receive for free at birth, our mind! The greatest mystery of them all, an invisible place with no limits or parameters, the place where dreams become reality just from the intention to desire your dreams ‘badly enough’ To be a happy, wealthy and successful person you just have to want it badly enough in your heart.

Everyone is born with hearts desire, but many lose it within the first few years of their life, and most of the rest lose it once they go to school.

But the mind more often becomes lost and confused by negative influences. This is very common in our world today. These influence can lead to biological mental illnesses if you allow it. Mind awareness is the greatest thing to acquire to combat the negative side of 21st century living, it takes time to achieve, but it will greatly change every part of your life for the better without question. Everything comes down to moments of thought.

Greater improvement in the Mind for businesses, schools and private individuals.

All the best in life starts with Happy, and from there everything you dream of can follow.

As much as business loves to talk about niches, in all things Mind, a Mind is a Mind! And at Mind Education School we view all people as potential genius and equally gifted in a passion for their life. Mind Education School is about the discovery, or rediscovery of those unique talents that we all are born with.

A mind is a mind, and they can all improve based on the same basic information, the problem being most people find it hard to follow with a passion, or at all! In truth, most people have lost their true passion for their life.

Anything you want to do, be and have can be discovered by you!

At Mind Education School Limited we want to see happy, peaceful people! Who are enjoying life! and is open to all who need us, from those who feel life is passing them by, those at the start of life, to improving the peace, harmony and co-operation between people in the work place. But most importantly, creating better Mind Education for all people.

Happy people, happy lives, happy workforce, happy in education, happy world…it all starts in your own MIND!

Great things, dreams and desires come with patience and new mind discipline from which passions and total belief that you can!! arrive and grow within you.

From my own life and experience, and my struggle with my undiagnosed learning issues for many years, which led to all manner of other issues, depression, low self-esteem, frustration, self-consciousness, embarrassment and unhappiness,  I know that without question anything, and anybody can be turned around and improved greatly to any degree that they choose at anytime. You just have to have the ‘desire’ to get your ‘true’ life back, the one you were born to live!

I know that for sure it can be done, because I did that for me!

Creator and Director of Mind Education School Limited

Keith William Ecott