MES: For all the right reasons. It all comes together when the time is right! Are you listening to your heart?

A few words on the creation of Mind Education School Limited which was over 50 years in the making. Everyone’s lives are about creating something wonderful, but the path is unlikely going to be easy if you want to really understand what you are doing and why you are doing it.

This short essay was written it its original form for my Facebook page last year. 2016.

Mind Education School Limited is mentoring and teaching company with a passion to get people off the production line of life. We are all born free, and we should remain that way all our lives living in peace, harmony and happiness, and living our own personal idea of success happiness and adventure. MES is also mentoring and teaching within the birth of a new education system that is better for everyone!!

Mind Education School Limited came into existence from my desire that no child should have the educational nightmare that I had, and all adults should have wonderful and fulfilling lives as a matter of natural right from birth. It was a lifetime journey that took me down many roads and presented my scientific mind and logic with far too many questions that I wanted answers to and started me off to see if I could actually answer them?

As a child I knew things! Academic things, strange things! Where did they come from? I wanted answers but the path become far harder before it become easier, starting with my ‘stillbirth’ and ‘real dead’ for 20 minutes, that is brain dead for most people, but I survived. I have since escaped death without a scratch 4 more times that I am aware of. I keep being told that I am living a charmed life, so I looked it up to see what that actually means? Oh really! Interesting! Who knows.

Learning disabilities.

I was in my 40’s before I knew for sure that I was dyslexic, I had ADD, basically, I found school boring! but if you find something that interests you enough your ADD goes away! I had ‘really’ bad dyscalculia and sometimes still do which I believe was mental trauma-related, and a short-term working memory that was at times an instant!! but the fact that my short-term memory was an instant, but only ‘at times’ is another clue to having a better education. All those issues had a severe effect on me for many years, but I now know for sure, that my whole life as it was was my true path all along for the sole reason to get me to here with the understanding and experience of what is wrong with the education system and a real strong desire to improve on it.

Note: I still make spelling mistakes I know that, but if I cared, stressed and worried myself I would never write anything in public. I had to learn how to be calm and at peace with myself, and if I can do that…anyone can!  You are talk about the most self-conscious person in the world here for many, many years of my life. We can ALL achieve wonderful things. However, I would rather not make mistakes, but a proof reader is not always at my side. And spell checks are not fool proof. Writing is now my main thing….I never saw that one coming 5 years ago! My book finished and out there is my number one goal next year, 2018.

For most of my life up to just a few years ago, I read very little, but I have had a lifetime of seriously heavy and deep thinking just generally trying to work all and everything out that I find interesting. I still don’t read that much, and never started to write until 2009, and nothing for public view until just a few years ago!

So, I know the power of thinking and what you can work out for yourself. I believe we are all born with innate knowledge of much and you can work out everything else you need yourself if void of the influences, persuasions and opinions of others. It is the ‘others’ that are responsible for you getting on the production line to nowhere in the first place and taking you away from your path to your dreams.

For much of my life I was living far below my potential I knew that for a great many years, it caused me mental trauma, depression, anxiety, self-consciousness, great embarrassment and frustration that showed itself in bad temper and always on the defensive.That is a long story for another time.

Mind Education School Limited is not about learning issues, it just happened to be my starting place, by design I believe, for without those issues I would never have found myself at this place and a reason, understanding and the experience to want to improve education for everyone! Even at school which I kind of liked, I always went, I never bunked off once! But if I had a achieved and gone to Cambridge University which I would have loved…History it would have been, Mind Education School would never have happened I am sure, and it was obviously supposed to!

I knew all along that I was a smart kid, but school, my parents and others could not see it. I was totally on my own with that one, really alone!!

There are millions like me in the world, we see things different to those happy to conform and easily fall in by doing things in the same ‘boring’ way as everyone else far too easily. Never question or disobey something that they see differently.

These people who are natural none conformers are often the most naturally gifted of them all, but soon lost because they think outside the box by nature, and teachers and education see them as trouble, they are not trouble, they are just openly unique and never try to hide it. The negative world just cannot completely take away their hearts path as much as society tries.

We are ALL at heart unique none conformers by nature, but most fall down by influence. Those who hold on to their unique genius are seen as misfits, loners, trouble makers, dreamers, freaks, hippies, rebels, the list goes on…

However from my own research I have come to a number of conclusions about these learning issues and I am sure they are not hereditary which is commonly believed but acquired, and I have a lot of information about my own life at least that suggests that to be the case, as well as backups from other researchers in a number of fields.

The whole story of which will be in my book that will be finished soon, an interesting read for everyone I am sure as it goes off in all directions of discovery and reasons why of the true nature of ‘path’ is.

I have found for myself, and have absolutely no doubt that anyone’s mind can create them wonderful lives, no matter what your start in life may have been.

The big goal for myself and the world is a Mind Education School Limited Academy of Mind Excellence that can, and will take children to where they were born to go! It will happen, I have made my Mind up!

We also offer first class mentoring for all ages. You are never too old to discover that dream and passion for a better life.

Your Mind is a wonderful thing! Now learn to use it only to your greatest advantage. That is what it was designed for.

The life you dream of is all in your own Mind.

Mind peace and harmony,

Keith William Ecott,

Creator and Director

Mind Education School Limited

Nurture Without Influence

Unified Individuality

Education from the Heart