Goals, Passion, Belief and Act of Nature from your Hearts Inner Wisdom

Goals, Passion, Belief and Act of Nature from your Hearts Inner Wisdom

Most people don’t live their dreams because they have been influenced to believe they can’t achieve them, so those dreams become no more than a daydream, a fantasy never to be lived.

In truth, once you rediscover the power of your own thoughts, and more so your feelings everything changes and becomes more achievable.

Passion to create your dreams into your reality starts with an idea, not just a random stab in the dark, but that feeling in your heart that goes back to the day you were born! That path that others unintentionally, and sometimes intentionally took away from you often before you even got to school, and if not before, school is often the nail in the coffin. Dreams disappear on the production line of life as teachers, tests and exams batter you into submission and dreams fall away sometimes forever as you step into a life far below your genius potential. This life sadly is most common worldwide, because no one is taught how to think to their advantage, they are taught how to just fit in…somewhere! Anywhere! They don’t care! You are a statistic on a spreadsheet. So, you have to care, we have to care! That is our job.

Your heartfelt idea becomes your goal in life and if your path is true, it will quickly become your passion to create your dreams. Heartfelt passion if pursued in ‘I will never give up’ mode eventually becomes absolute belief, at which time nothing on earth will stop you from reaching your dreams no matter how long it takes. This is what ‘real’ passion feels like, and everyone has it once you are free of all that persuaded you otherwise.

These feelings of achievement, passion, excitement, belief, trust, curiosity and a mind open to all possibilities is with you at birth, but if lost they can be rediscovered, I promise you!

Everyone is born to live their dreams, for dreams not only give you a wonderful life, but will in turn nurture and inspire others to reach theirs and to heal the world to the world that ‘most of us’ want.

Good thinking which is by nature void of influence is the way your mind will work at its best! The way it was designed to do. Thinking to your and others greater advantage flows without effort, no staining the brain necessary, you most offered don’t need to ask questions, you just know, you can work things out for yourself. Every mind is a genius! You just need to be interested enough in what you are doing…which is were standard school slips up! Forced education will never work to a person’s advantage, only to the advantage of others less kind.

Kindness is mother nature at work.

Look at the world around you, everyone loves a happy ending, the light wins over the dark side, the cops catch the robbers, the girl gets the guy. This is human nature, we are born kind, peaceful and loving, and your mind filtered through your heart left alone guides you to do what is in you by nature, it is never forced, it is natural. Bad actions are unnatural, we all at heart know that. We even feel that when we tell a white lie don’t we. Because it goes against the hearts inner wisdom.

So, you were born to have a wonderful life and to help others to achieve also should they wish for your encouragement. Nurtured, but never influenced.

Mind Education School Limited has grown in my own mind to create the opportunity for children to never to lose their path, and for those lost to rediscover theirs.

Creator and Director Keith William Ecott

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