Sometime you have to be honest before people take control of their lives.

Ever since I was a child I wanted people to be happy and never argue, just be nice! and no wars! I am not even sure how that started? But I believe that it was born within me as after all these years of thinking and studying life my way that was the only conclusion I could come to, particular considering I always know things at a very pre school age. I am now sure that we are all born with innate knowledge, knowledge that is your map to your life if you are lucky enough to not lose it, most do!

Long before Mind Education School Limited came into my mind as such, the idea of ways to create a better world and happier people had been growing in my mind, I knew that standard education was the wrong way to do it because of my own experiences with my then undiagnosed dyslexia, ADD and memory issues, but I was still far away to even think about trying to work on a system of my own. It was 2001 and through a series of events a story of which I have now told so many times that to me at the time so weird, but true. I meet a lady who is still a good friend and the wisest person I ever met. She was a psychic, now I had never seen a psychic and I had no desire to ever see a psychic…ever!! And as much as I saw it as possible, I was a science thinker I that was not for me, but it seemed ‘something’ had other ideas! But there I was thinking why I am here? Curiosity! Open-minded curiosity only! Never turn your back on curiosity and a chance to open the mind to new possibilities. Education may have killed me inside, but they never took away my curiosity and my open mind.

The psychic said this to me after our first chat that was mind blowing, but seemed unlikely for at that time I never even knew for sure that I was dyslexic, the truth of dyslexia, ADD and the like is another one of my stories.

She said “Keith, you are an idealist, you want to world to be perfect and everyone to be happy”. And I said ” what is wrong with that?” And she said ” nothing, just keep on doing what you are doing because you are going to do good!” And I have never stopped believing that.

Since 2001 much of what I was told has come true as unlikely as it seemed, most of which seemed totally ridiculous!! I kept saying to myself in my mind as she spoke, “well that is ‘never’ going to happen, but much of it has over time, and I am expecting now that everything else will to.

This story in it entirety and others will be in my book which keeps have new bits added and gets re written…again! A true story of a minds journey.

But now what I really came to say from a short but rather direct post I did on Facebook early today.

It goes like this!

Note: The thinking behind it came from the propaganda regarding coconut oil which most will know is wonderful stuff and it is like many other ‘good for you’ products are trying to be discredited in order to sell more junk food which kills people!

The side note read:

People only eat unhealthy because they have been fooled into ‘believing’ they want/need it. Everything that is bad (wheat, soya, sugar etc etc etc), for you are intentional grow within your mind as an addiction for company profits, your health and your life mean nothing to these people. They even know how bad these things are for you and hide the facts within media propaganda. Corruption and lies over profit and power is common in this world and you don’t need me to tell you that. Or do you?

Does what these people do to you not bother you? Does what you are doing to your children via their influence not bother you? It is being said the children being born today are less likely to live as long as their parents because of the quality of the food they consume.

This has always bothered me greatly that so many people care so little about their lives, and often cut their lives short by half. No one should be dying of an illness so young in 2017. And young to me is under 70.

If you take control of your mind all this changes for the better!

Better health
Better wealth
Better fitness
Better life
Better future
Better career
More energy to do and create the life you always wanted,
or, you can stay small and become sick before your time due to enforce bad health from all manner of addictions.

Need I go on!

Mind Education School Limited has everyone’s better future at its beating heart.

We can all do better than this! We were born to do better than this! Live from your own heart and not just to fill others pockets who care nothing for you other than what you can give them in money, credit and more power to control ‘our’ planet.

Does that not bother you! Good thinking will change it all. It is natures way. 🌞

Do your own research and see what you find!

To improve our world you need to be strong and want better for everyone.

😟#addiction #HealthyEating #HealthyLiving