All people are born with curiosity, an open mind, and a passion to live a wonderful life, the path to dreams is varied, some are much harder than others.
Most will lose their passion for their life long before they are 5 years old, and the standard school tries to make sure that is a definite! Most people ‘never’ reach their dreams, most ‘never’ even I identify truly what their dreams are, nothing more that general possibilities, like “I want to travel” I always ask? where? What for? They will often reply “everywhere” I will say ‘Siberia?’ ‘the local shops?’ They will say, “well, not there” Where then? and for what purpose? They will often say ” I DON’T KNOW “
No focus! No passion! Their dream is not their passion, but no more than a general idea, that most people will say if asked. Most of us travel somewhere most days. These people had what they wanted all along. Travel.
True passion and dreams are pin point focus! You can’t live your dreams with a vague mind. Standard education, influence, persuasion and others opinion does that. They give you things that ‘they’ want you to think, feel and dream about, from which your ‘true passion’ dies.
But some, hold on to their knowledge, it comes across as retained memories and far-off dreams and passion. It is in the far off distance, but it calls you, messages from your intuitive heart.
A knowing!
They, we are the lucky ones! Most will never live their dreams, lost to influence and controlling education.
All that you need for passion comes from your heart, total belief comes next…
Do you feel it? That feeling in your heart? If you do, you are one of the ‘lucky ones’ Don’t waste it!
So, what are you going to do now?