The birth of Mind Education School Limited was my destiny, of that I am sure! About Me! The short version!

The Birth of Mind Education School Limited

About MES, Creator and Director.

My name is Keith William Ecott and I am the creator and director of Mind Education School Limited.

In all my years of more downs than ups until 2001, and even then is was not a stroll in the park for some years after that, I never lost the greatest gifts of the mind: Curiosity and the open-mind. I was, and still am open to all ideas and possibilities. School was largely hell for me, but it never managed to take those gifts away from me. I actually liked school, but the process of learning was a bad experience for me. History was interesting, English I liked other than always being asked to stand up and read to the class, knowing that I could not. What kind of teacher puts a child through that? and Art. That was it. Not really interested in anything else other than music, and every time I put myself forward to learn an instrument I was ignored. I could have been a brilliant musician, but they killed that dead!

Me, Keith the day to day person: My first loves where music, all music. School was a very bad experience for me, but the one thing I remember more than anything at 5 years old was our headmaster playing classical music in assembly. Elgar, Prokofiev, Hoist and Grieg. The Holberg Suite was something I remembered very well, and eventually re discovered all the classical, pop and rock music I heard as a child via long happy days in music shops. I even grew to love my dad’s Peter Dawson records.

From that came photography which I still use for my own work and this site.

My loves and passions where there all my life, from day one! Music, art, science, history, everything! and mysteries, I wanted all the answers to all the big questions. It does not sound like the mind of a child that was bottom grade at school and spent so many years working in many of the worse and lowest paid jobs imaginable does it, but I was. I had the interest, and I had the knowledge about so much. The first time I went abroad, I never went to France 20 odd miles across the channel, I never went to Spain on a cheap package deal of beer and girls, but I saved my money from the factory and took myself, alone to Egypt on a Nile cruise because I wanted to see what was left of ancient Egypt with my own eyes more than anything! I went to Greece, Israel and Turkey the next year just for history and exploring.

Hardly the mind of an educational  failure.


For more years than I care to remember on the surface I was doing very badly in life, and the inner me was not feeling too happy about that! But, I knew that I was a smart kid!!

But something was very wrong, I was not achieving and by the time I left school my self-esteem was dragging along the flood with what felt like everyone treading on it. I just felt useless, and believed that everyone must be viewing me in the same way, as no one ever said anything to me to the contrary, not even my parents.

In truth all negativity in your mind, no matter where it comes from is your own fault from the point of view that you are choosing to believe it. We choose what we want to believe, but because of possible bad influences as a child we often have to relearn what we really believe about all manner of things including ourselves. You may you by influence, but if wise you learn to change what you feel at heart is wrong.

Your mind is your own, pure at birth, curious and open. If you keep it that way it will take you anywhere you choose. Any bad influence can be changed to your perfect ideal.

I eventually fell into what is commonly referred to as ‘letting life happen to you ‘Which lead to all manner of issues from being self-conscious to the point of wanting to be invisible, that started at school from the age of 5, and bouts of severe depression, angry frustration and very bad anxiety. I knew I was academic, I knew the way I thought, how I could reason and understand, what I was thinking about, but I could not convey or explain myself. Unless you do things the way society/education expects you to do them you are a failure! Standard education fails to realize or understand a person’s uniqueness is their individual genius.

Many years later I discovered to no great surprise that had a number of learning issues namely; Dyslexia, ADD, Dyscalculia and short term working memory that was at times an instant. The words ‘at times’ intrigued me!

From that day in November 2006 I decided that I was going to change all that, improve what I could and become a success! I had been interested in psychology for many years before that and had been on number of courses, but nothing in those courses taught me what I had worked out for myself, the true power of the Mind. My mind. In all honesty I found taught psychology very boring! I had been thinking way beyond all that for most of my life.

But of all my up’s and down’s I never lost my curiosity and my open mind, no influence could take that away from me. It is your greatest gift that can be reacquired if you have lost yours. We are all born with it, it is what drives a person forward.

Now mentoring and teaching people to be their greatness and best version of themselves so far is my path, I believe that it always was, but I had to learn how it all works from the very bottom up as it were, and to really understand it without being told what to believe, what others believed the facts to be. I needed to work things out, and test it for myself and make sure it actually works and that it is possible.

For many years I never read, but I thought and reasoned very well, and kept most of it to myself. By 2001 I had only read two books from cover to cover, but in 1981. Cosmos by Carl Sagan, and Romer’s Egypt by John Romer. Other than reading bits and pieces, I found thinking for myself far more interesting and useful. For I could think for myself!

The best thing a free thinking person can do for themselves is reason things out in their own mind, do your own research and come to your own conclusions without the influence of others. You are more likely than not going to be on your right path that way. But you need to be free thinking first!

From that Mind Education School was born, to teach all people young and older in a new way, the way that I changed myself, because at heart I always knew that I could.

A new way to teach. General accepted education in my mind does it wrong, it works for some, but not for most, and even then I wonder if those who are successful who have gone through the old system are happy with themselves totally? Are they walking their true path or one that was chosen for them, influenced or suggested?

I wanted to see a system that works for everyone, a system that finds the best in everyone, that people walk their own path to greatness free from influence.

Mind Education School Limited is working away from the system of old, towards a better system that can be a greater benefit to all equally if followed, and the truth of that is:

You follow yourself!

Nurture Without Influence: Education from the Heart

Creator and Director of Mind Education School Limited, Academy of Mind Excellence

Keith William Ecott