Passion: It drives you to do crazy things in the sound knowledge that all good things will come from it…eventually!

Passion: It drives you to do crazy things in the sound knowledge that all good things will come from it…eventually!

I had been working on my mind for some years, I always knew I could do better, and I always knew that I was a lot smarter than my school reports showed, all my life as it turned out I was working on an idea, a big idea that would take experience to understand and develop, I was just unaware of my true path until into my 40’s, and even though I was thinking and feeling much better, more positive, calmer, far less stress and anxiety, there was something new growing inside my heart and mind that was creating frustration, irritability and boredom with my life. Things that were once important became less so, things that I thought I was hook on become less appealing, my health, diet and fitness became something that I felt a greater need to get on top of. I knew that my past had the ability to improve greatly, and that feeling was always there! But it took half my life to see that. It was a seriously long lesson in life.

I was start to discover passion for my life, a reason to be here away from those general day to day loves that had kept me going over the harder, depressive years. The things like music, art and photograph, things that I loved and love, but they never felt like more a hobby, the reason and purpose was never ‘big enough’ other than keeping me alive, it gave me something to focus my mind on until my true passion kicked back in.

I believe that we are all born with a true path in life that is fueled by passion, which in turn becomes absolute belief in that passions creation. As, much as I have always been a scientific thinker, I struggled with much, for all my life over the unfairness of life, the influence of those who choose to control and bully others, truth and mysteries, war and greed. Being dyslexic, having ADD and a very bad memory, (I did not know that for most of my life) I was a very limited reader, but compensated by being a seriously good thinker, and the reasoning outer of ideas and possibilities, to the point that eventually I had to decided that ‘somehow’ absolute belief works! Sooner or later somethings that are void of evidence and proof are decided upon by your heart for you. Not very scientific I know. Maybe it’s the conscious manipulation atoms, molecules and energy. There were so many things I wanted answers to.

The idea of the Law of Attrition came to me many years later, but I do now believe that is works. I may be a scientific thinker, but I never lost my curiosity and my open-mind which clearly says to me “what do we really know for sure!” and seeing anything as possible with consciousness at the core of all things. But, many would disagree, that is the beauty of thinking for yourself…if you are sure it is your own opinion, and not one you took from someone else way back when.

There is one good thing about those who read little, you become very good a working things out for yourself, if your switch your ears off to most that you hear. There is a big difference between listen out for good advice, and being influenced wrongly. Most people are suffering in life because of bad, or wrong, for them influences. The path and passion destroyer.

Eventually my passion was so strong I could not think about anything else, I somehow went from a very limited writer, to a crazy writer, mistakes a many, but I kept on doing it…. you get better. Dyslexia and ADD etc. get less with focus on something that is important to you. And my memory is at its best every, I actually wonder if I really had a bad memory at all, maybe I just found school boring? Because something’s I always remembered very well.

The day came that I quit my main income, the story of which is an essay in itself, I just could not bear to work for anyone else any longer, but I was under no illusion that it was going to be easy, in fact I knew it was going to be really hard, as I had quit my job without a stash of money to build a business, far from that, I was only just surviving, but my passion was so strong that I had to take that chance.

Times got far worse before they started to get better, but one thing I learnt was this!

Once the mind is strong no amount of problems, lack of money etc. will allow you to become stressed or anxious enough to even consider quitting!  In the knowledge that you are doing the right thing, your know without question that you are on the right path, which will aid your minds power, and your passion which eventually becomes absolute belief that will carry you forward knowing that you will never give in, no matter how long it takes, and that every set back, larger bill than you were expecting, and brake down of equipment is going to stop you! It was at times tense I will admit, but as soon as any sign of stress or a depressive thought was touching my mind, my back up system would kick in with a firm “you can cut that out for a start” I was not going to allow anything or anyone to beat me again! Your mind once under your control only, Is a wonderfully powerful thing, probably the most powerful force in the universe!

That is called passion!

Once in your heart, success is assured…

…just never give up, no matter what!

Keith William Ecott

Creator and Director,

Mind Education School Limited

Nurture Without Influence

Unified Individuality

Education from the Heart