Me and Dyslexia? What actually is its nature and does it have a purpose?

I am constant re thinking what I think and feel about so called ‘learning disabilities’ as I think of new ideas and read new research. But the one thing I do know is that I have lived with them for far too long, and I become so tired of them getting in the way of my progress in life.
Learn how to used my mind well has helped me greatly, and now I am moving along a very positive path, while riding over the bumps with far greater ease than ever before. At the end of the day, regardless what the truth of Dyslexia and related issues is, whatever their true origins, or even purpose are, all that is all that really matters to you and me and how we create ourselves wonderful lives and help others to do the same.
Dyslexia and all the related ADD, ADHD etc. is a mystery. Not only have I lived with a number of these issues, I have studied it, and myself and all those who are considered an ‘expert’ if there is such a thing? The biggest question seems to be why do you have it/them? Some say it is a brain/biological issue, while others believe that it is natural evolution. This adds to the question if you have it should you try to beat it, cure it or live with it and let it take you to your dreams. Just maybe it is privilege to be graced with such a gift.
Dyslexics etc. are different in so many ways. An ‘expert’ told me that in 40 years she had never met someone with dyslexia that was not above average intelligence, so that has to be good!
This is my story:
As a child, I was very bright, interested, curious and open-minded. I would happily get up on stage and dance at weddings, and to this day I remember all that in great detail, in fact I remember so much from my earliest months and years. It was memories from those times, and the subjects I thought about before I was 5, that to this day I still have no ‘sure’ idea of where they came from. But I have come to my best conclusion…
Then I went to school and that all changed. So much about the school process changed me for the worse. I became so self-conscious that being invisible would have been my chosen option if that was possible. I could not achieve and I found that extremely embarrassing. It killed my spirit.
That became a lifetime struggle that took me to low self-esteem, a great fear, and lack of trust of people, and depression. The hardest thing was that I knew that I was smart, really smart, but I could not show that in the accepted way, and things just go worse because I could not find a way out, and fell into a far too common state of affairs which more people than not, whether dyslexic or not, fall into the state of ‘letting life happen to you’ People lives start just free fall out of control, or at least that is what they believe.
However, I never lost two valuable qualities that we are all born with. Curiosity and an open-mind. These qualities are often lost from the negative influences of others, often at school as a child is taken off of their path and influenced to take a path that is not theirs! The road to nowhere special is normal.
I was 42 before I started to make some ground in my life, and in 2006 I found out for sure that I was not only dyslexic, I was not surprised, but I also have ADD, Dyscalculia, ADHA to a lesser degree, and I keep being told that I have Asperger’s Syndrome to some degree, but all these learning issues cross over anyway. The biggest issue at the time of school was my memory, my short-term memory was at times an instant. The words ‘at times’ are a clue to the success or failure of your education.
I do not believe I had these learning issue when I was 5! Something changed. Or, I did have them at birth but the environment was not suitable for me to learn and they grew more noticeable? I believe that the environmental factors need to be absolutely right for anyone to learn at their best.
Dyslexia etc. changes with thoughts and environment, and although I will not, yet, claim to be dyslexia, ADD free I have greatly improved and my memory which was my biggest problem has improved greatly. But then memory in learning largely comes down to interest I am sure.
I am still unsure if we should not try to remove these issues, but learn to use to its greatest ability. Which is the way I see it now. My memory has greatly improved so know the dyslexia is not really the problem that it was. In truth I am sure that my thoughts and feelings about it just made it worse.
The words Indigo child comes up a lot. And those who ‘know’ about all that stuff tell me I am 100% indigo, but who knows? It is just another label. Read up on it and come to your own conclusions.
Over the last 15 years I have studied Mind, and my own Mind to improve myself, which picks up with greater momentum not only the longer you practice, but also far greater as you get close to your goals, passions and dreams. You feel that one in your heart.
Changes are just a decision you make.
Understand your mind is the key to greatness, and improvements in all areas regardless of your current place or belief about yourself and your life.
From that came my dream for schools and an academy to ensure no child or teenager has the educational nightmare that I had, and whatever your age, your learning issues will improve with a better use of your mind. The mind is everything!
I see all people as potential geniuses, but some people just need guidance, and more so if you have any form of learning issues, whether they are an issue, or as some believe a biological up-grade. It is true that these issues are 10% of the world wide population and that number is growing. It could be evolution? And if as a dyslexic person you read the research, it makes a lot of sense to you, as we tend to view things differently don’t we. But, it is just another theory.
Far too many people still believe that dyslexia is people who find reading and writing harder, but for many is goes far deeper than that, and can affect all areas of your life.
So whether natural, self-created or a biological upgrade, learning how to think and live well helps improve all things greatly.
I know longer view these ‘ labels ‘ as a problem, rather as something that can be used to your greater advantage, and any of the annoying symptoms like socializing, people, speaking, eye contact, trying not to look bored!! Self-destruction but accident, and all the social stuff, you can work on fixing. That is just takes practice and effort, I know, it is a huge effort isn’t it, but you get there and work on your mind to work at its very best help greatly, beyond your previous belief.
But that is what you Mind is really designed to do. Do the best for you, and change, remove and improve anything you don’t like!
I have been there, and lived it for far too long. But once you have had enough, is when things start to change.
Creator and Director of Mind Education School Limited
Keith William Ecott