World peace is in the minds of billions, war is in the minds of the minority. Positive thinking is the answer to world peace.

MES 2016 34526

At the heart of the creation of Mind Education School Limited was always inner peace and world peace, and that was on my mind for as long as I can remember. Working for peace is the same as working towards new education. They are the one and the same.

Inner peace must lead to world peace eventually. The positive thinking and living minds of human kind must change the vibration of the world, and most must know a bit of quantum physics by now!

The powers that rule badly in only their own interest must be concerned as greater knowledge of all things MIND become slowly main stream. Negativity in the media is still the dominant force, but me the born optimist sees a better future…but maybe not in my life time.

Mind and Peace education is the turning point for the world, they are the same, and the more who see clearly from the peaceful mind know that those who riot and war etc. are not in control, but are being controlled.

 The negative mind is easy to control, but the peaceful and positive mind can never be controlled. We think for ourselves, while negativity repeats what they are told and what they hear. Hence the reason for dodgy media. It is not accident. They could talk and report the good stuff….but they don’t! And there is much more of that in truth.

The way every person thinks is the future of the world. It is not down to the powers that be, as they are less, it is down to the power of us, we are more! Billions more!!