At the end of each day…

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At the end of each day, would it not be good to be so excited, that you cannot wait to go to bed, just so that the time to get up again comes around quicker, so the whole thing can start again!

That is how I feel, and I am not even warmed up yet. I love my job! And I love my life! But it was not always that way. I had to teach myself everything! Because I eventually remembered my dream and why I am here, and it was to involve my greatest fears, and things I had come to believe I could not do, or ever want to be!

I still scare and surprise myself most days! You are always wanting to push yourself once you hit the positive passion that drives you.

Everyone has a dream, a passion for life, but often lost by influences.

It is never too late to rediscover your inborn hearts desire for you life.

Dreams come true a bit at a time!

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Dreams come true a bit at a time. The proof is obvious when you look back, and that is the only incentive you need to keep going. But first you have to start!! Start to day, and one year from now things will be far better I promise you…if you follow the instruction.

Everything comes with instructions, but these are not to be found in the bottom of a cardboard box, these are found in your heart, and come for free!

No credit card, no buy now, pay later will get you it now! Life transformation takes time, there is no quick fix! It takes discipline and patience….but it WILL work!

The Creation of The Mind Education School: Positive Living Social Community.

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I am working on the idea of a Positive Living Social Community: Starting in the Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire area with the idea to take it around the country….and maybe further!!

 It will start as a part of ‘ Meet Up ‘ and see what happens. It will be a mixture of fun and happiness, and some childish craziness based on the fact we should never have grown up to become so serious in the first place. Grown ups are always the bad guys…Right! Your own Mind never ask for that! The mind is ageless.

 With a mixture of talks, groups session by myself and others who I can kidnap to do stuff as well. And any social event members can think of that comes under the banner of fun, happy, thrilling and…that is just stupid, but lets do it anyway! Life is for living, and not sitting thinking about.

 Please join if you can! It has been said to me so many times: Keith, you are an idealist, you want a peaceful world and you want everyone to be happy! Yes I do, so I am doing my bit to improve on that!
 Apart from costs, everything will be free or as cheap as possible. This is for everyone who would like to walk the happier more wonderful life. It is within us all, you just need the right people around you and right environment to grow.
 Mind Education School Limited Beds, Herts and Cambs. On Meet Up.

If you want a great life, surround yourself with liked minded people. All comes with the regular connection with those of a positive mind, of those working on that mindset.

Keep it fun, feel alive from the moment you get out of bed, and go to your bed with the words ” THAT, was another GREAT DAY!! ”

This is my dream for the Mind Education School: Positive Living Social Community.

Together we can do this!! Together we can create a better world for sure!!


Peace and Happiness,