Is the path to true love easier than we think?


Is the path to true love easier to find than we think? And is it designed to last a life time?

We all make mistakes, particularly when we are young, but the right people come to you when the time is right. You cannot force it.

Why are there so many broken hearts and broken relationships. You could say that that is all a part of life, and an experience. Or just maybe outside of the reckless world of human biology the path to true loves is made clear and is found quickly, the true case of ….and they lived happily ever after…

True Love is like world peace and harmony, you have to want it badly enough.

Don’t let your biology let you loose sight of the path your inner you it trying to take you down. Your heart knows you best.

You may even find yourself avoiding love, as your heart knows who it has in mind for you. Be patience…it will come if you are open to it.

At the end of the day, if you know that the silver slipper is not going fit, why try it on?

The best things are always worth waiting for, and True Love should be at the top of your list!