Finding your lost path is found by following your never lost heart.

Finding your lost path is found by following your never lost heart.

Who are you at heart?

What does your heart tell you when you are at peace?

Peace is the hearts chosen state, there are no advantages in being without peace. Peace is good health, a clear mind and a long and happy life. If you do not have that right now, you are living below your genius potential.

What do those who sit with you tell you about yourself when you are together, and you find yourself in a calm and peaceful state of mind. This is when the true you from your heart/soul/inner you will start to shine through. The person you were born as, the inner qualities that are beyond the natural peace, kind and harmony that people in this world can remember having, for you were born of kindness, peace and happiness…and then you went to school…!!! Boo Hiss! And the production line of life became you, not the path you had chosen.

You were born to help others, the prize of which is the best life you could ask for! What you give, you receive. Cause and effect and all that…

We are all born good that I am sure, but we all have different paths to walk to display our goodness. Regardless of your beliefs, religious, spiritual or physics, a new life has to be a new start and a new opportunity, or else what is the point?

Some of the scariest people that I have known, at the point to being able to talk to that person alone for sometimes just for 5 minutes, (I had a lot of long talks with the lost over years in the seediest of night clubs in North London from 11pm to 7.30am so many times, and that is when true person often started to show me kindness very quickly, maybe because I showed them kindness and always did. Even un displayed acts themselves, their kindness often felt by the unseen forces of empathy that we all have to some degree, to a great degree for those who allow it to run free.

They want to be kind, it is natural to them from birth, they have just forgotten how to do it, and will for example offer you a cigarette, even though they know that you do not smoke, but that is all they have to offer you up front, but that is a thought of kindness as equal worthless as all the others, the light of their goodness wanting you to see it, but quickly reverting to their hard man/woman role if a third person should arrive. How quickly a person can change in order to hide their true identity, is if being nice was a weakness, the other player in the play wanting to be kind also give the opportunity to be free to express themselves, while not being seem by…the others!

The real you are known to you at all times, it is reflected when you are both nice, and not nice. Good feelings are confirming to you that you are a good and kind person and that you are worthy of all the wonderful things your life has in store for you. When you feel bad, it is your heart telling you that you are going against who you are at heart, and considering that all people, other than serve cases of biological mental illness, must show that being nice, good and kind is the natural state of the human spirit in all its forms.

For most people having a bad day, and not being at our best we often feel let down, and likewise if we display our lower self to others we apologise, for not being our best.

There is nothing wrong with having a bad day, we are under the influence! Under the influence of reckless human biology. But most of us apologize, or at least later think to ourselves “that was a mistake, I need to apologize”

There is no doubt in my mind that all people are born good and largely remain good for the whole lives, even if sometimes not obviously, it remains there at heart.

All badness is influential. Gentle persuasion becomes a growing way of life which if strong enough can start to change the biology/brain giving rise to various degrees of mental illness.

There is nothing to be gained in the world from being bad or displaying any of the long list of negative emotions. All of which will be the undoing of any person long term, if only in the time of one’s departure with the realization that their life never reached it potential.

Even in the world of big time crime, Mr Big resigning in his palace of ill-gotten gains, the weight and stresses of looking over his shoulder, never knowing who to trust, who could talk, or turn you in, or worse must lean heavily on one’s mind and biology.

With the millions made from crime and dishonesty comes biological pain of no real freedom, honesty and trust, a burden most of us would rather not have to live with.

A true good person with a focused and disciplined mind carrying thought of kindness, peace and world harmony, is a mind that can create wealth in all areas of one’s life free of the burdens that always come from negative living.

Your freedom is a wonderful life from your heartfelt kindness that you are born with.

And you don’t have to be a Buddhist, a mystic or a new age hippy to achieve it…

…just be yourself by following you heart.

It is a free gift, don’t waste it.


Keith William Ecott

Creator and Director

Mind Education School Limited

Nurture Without Influence.

Unified Individuality.