New Beginnings: People of Potential and Dreams.


Mind Education School Limited

  Nurture Without Influence

      Unified Individuality

      Education from the Heart

Mind Mentoring and Teaching for all ages. Be the best, get the best, just by being 100% you! Children should never lose their genius potential, and the grow ups never fully lose theirs, it waits patiently for you to rediscover it.


Mind Education School Academy of Mind Excellence

Alternative Education.

Education for a Better, Happier World, the Education System that MOST of us want at Heart.

There are no niches here, a person is a person, and a mind is a mind. We are all unique individuals with one thing in common, a beauitful mind of genius potential which is ageless, genderless and statusless. We are all the same at heart, only our dreams and desires can separate us, and most of those will have a common bond. I can’t put people in boxes, niches, as I spend most of my time trying to get people out of the box, so they can live completely as themselves as they were born to live.

 Mind Education School Limited is a Teaching and Mentoring company that came from my desire that no child should have the educational nightmare that I had, and that no adult should live a life lower than their true potential.

I see immense potential in every person on this planet, and I always viewed the world and people that way as a child, it was always there. I believe that everyone is born to achieve remarkable things which comes from personal growth from birth, and from the lesson each person needs to learn as an individual, and as a unified community. Everyone is without question of genius potential, the question being a genius in what, and the common answer being, most people never find out! Standard education is not designed to work that way, it is designed for you to fit in somewhere, where? they don’t care, as long as you fit in with the production line of life they have done their job, and you, and they, have ticked all the boxes. You are in their mind an educated citizen, what you do next is not their concern.

As the creator and director of Mind Education School Limited I have big dreams for it, and at heart all people have big dreams for their lives if given the opportunity to live them free to be themselves, for in truth most people are not living as themselves but a version that came from the influence, persuasion and opinions of others. ” I think you should…” ” Listen to me…” ” I know what is best for you…” When in truth, at heart no one knows you better than you! This is where your true genius lies.

I do believe that society kills most people’s potential, and it starts before school at home, but standard education is the main culprit and that weak belief in the self-continues for a lifetime until ‘you’ choose to stop it.  My company exists to do things in a more natural way and to retain that potential and help anyone to rediscover it.  We are born to learn and achieves goals and dreams, that is everyone!

Keith is an inspiration to us all. Despite the many challenges he has faced in his life he has continued to defy all the odds and has emerged as a shining light to us all. We all require help along our journey through life and the people that are best placed to help are those who understand our struggle because they have overcome many of the problems we are facing. Keith is one such person, his passion and knowledge are there for all to see and I highly recommend his friendly and consultative approach.

Philip Martin author of The 30 Day Mind Diet  May 2013

For mentoring and other information regarding the MES Academy and all other enquiries contact:

MES Mentoring programs are personally designed to fit around you done in the MES laid back, fun to be here and I am glad I came kind of way. No stress or frustration allowed here! Just relax and drink your coffee or we can go for a walk. You are the boss of you!

Mind Education School: Mobile: 07591 644 351


Skype: keith.ecott

Instagram: keithwilliamecott

Twitter: Keith@MindEdSchool

Peace and Harmony 

Keith William Ecott,  Cambridge, England based, healing the minds of world.



Keith William Ecott: 2018

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